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The Future Of Real Estate

The Future Of Real Estate

Trends That Will Change The Future Of Real Estate

Our society keeps on adapting and is becoming more technologically advanced. We as people are learning to co-exist in a world of tech and in some cases, we are dependent on it, especially when it comes to business. Most peoples work life is surrounded by technology, whether it is a phone, computer, or a car. Society is quickly adapting to the new, and the new will be the future. Real Estate is an industry that is becoming affected by technology and the future. Keep on reading to see what the Future of Real Estate will be.

Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are the new trend and soon will take over. In the next decade we predict you will be seeing a lot more electric cars. These cars don’t run off gas, they need a charging station and if one is not located near the house you are trying to sell or even better located in the house your client might not be happy. Companies like Wallbox and Blink Charging are creating new technology that is making these charging stations more accessible. Wallbox is hoping to create a bidirectional charger, which will also serve as a back battery for your home!

Air Quality

People are fighting for a better environment. Air quality is on top of the list, we don’t need to explain the importance of it. A new great technology out there that the real estate industry is seeing is Airthings Wave Plus Systems. These systems can detect radon, TVOCs, CO2, humidity, temperature, and pressure. Airthings Wave Plus ensures better air Quality. Air Quality is a trend that is not going anywhere, people understand the importance of sustainability health especially with covid-19.

Smart Home Tech:

The new generation of home buyers are extremely tech savvy and enjoy the gadgets of life. Companies such as Cync, Array, T-P Link are creating smart homes devices. With just one app you can control multiples things around your home such as the lights, TV, and the alarm system! Technological advanced home is in higher demand. People want the video door bells for safety, they want the refrigerator cameras to see what they have in their fridge from the store to save time, and they want to be able to have control of devices from anywhere they go!


This information is from Realtor Magazine 

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