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South Florida Décor Trends

South Florida Décor Trends

South Florida Décor Trends

2022 is all about mastering design trends that conjoins family and the work from home life style. Humans are spending more and more time at home, forcing them to create multipurpose and functional spaces. For some inspiration for South Florida Décor trends please continue to read below.


Maximizing the space in a home is huge. Creating a functional minimalistic home is a big trend in 2022. Creating a home that is in style but also meets the demands of your current needs, such as exercise and work impacts the style and space you choose for your décor. Making your home a Zen sand stress free place is another contribution that goes into your décor thought. Furniture, decorations, clutter can lead to high stress levels. Minimalism is about creating an environment for your home that maintains the presence of free space. Taking out clutter and having a low maintance home.

Multi-Functional Rooms

Have you seen your dining room become a new work office or a classroom? Or you’re living constantly switches from a T.V room to a workout room? Lots of homes are adopting new floor plans that are more flexible and spacious. It includes lofts, dens, and extra bedrooms that can morph into workspaces, exercise rooms, or even an art studio! It keeps the clutter away and allows the home to be multifunctional.

Natural Home Design

You want your home to feel cozy and natural to your environment. Natural home décor is one of the biggest 2022 trends. Popular colors that bring out the natural vibes are muted shades and neutrals like gray, white, black, and beige, the idea is to make your home feel soothing.  If you do want to add some color a popular 2022 color is Benjamin Moor Aegean Teal.

Rounded Shapes South Florida Décor Trends

A popular trend in south Florida is rounded shapes. Whether that is furniture, accessories, or even architectural elements like rounded walls.

Nature Inspiration

Natural décor is one of the biggest trends. Most of the trends are inspired by nature, such as colors, features, and textures. Popular material is marble, granite, light wood, and onyx. Nature textiles that are being inspired by natural are accessories and décor styles in ceramic, cotton, linen, and other nature textiles. Another big trend is eco-friendly materials.  Being both chic and sustainable is big in 2022, people care about the environment. To stay away from the carbon footprint people are incorporating materials such as bamboo, cane, wicker, and rattan over hardwoods, rubber, or plastic.


Plants are in, and they are staying in 2022. Bringing in nature into your home is the gorgeous new look and creates a more comfortable and calmer environment.  You can have lush green plants that require a lot of attention or plants that are mostly dependent and easy to care for. If you want to get in on this 2022 trend, its easy just go out and buy a succulent!


Information from South Florida Home Decorating. Sky Cove of West Lake.

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