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Small Kitchen Updates

Small Kitchen Updates

Small Kitchen Updates

Every kitchen has their own unique characteristic making it impossible to create the perfect kitchen. With the variety of styles and themes out there, it is hard to choose the best combination. Although there is a multitude of design trends you can follow, we have some small kitchen updates that work with every theme. Please read below for more information.

More Storage

Not everyone has the power to own the kitchen with a giant pantry or thar extra cabinet space. A solution we have for you is buying a utility cart for storage. Use it as a display for your wine glasses or all you’re baking ingredients. Utilize your cabinet space for bulky items like a food processor or an air fryer. Add shelving to your kitchen area to free up your cabinets for your big items. There are so many different types of shelving you can choose from: floating wall shelves to modular stainless-steel units. Choose your prettiest pieces to leave out in the open. You can even add hooks around or a mounted wall rack to store your pots, sauté pans, and saucepans!


Rooms in a home help depict a story of who you are as a homeowner. People can guess what kind of person you are just by how you choose to decorate your home. One of the most important rooms in your home is your kitchen, make sure you make it uniquely you! Reserve one of your open shelves for glassware and ceramic pieces you’ve collected through out your life! Install hooks to hang up your beloved pieces like aprons, cutting boards, and other souvenirs that have monumental value.


A cluttered kitchen is never a good look! There are tools out there to help you declutter! Buy a spice rack, utensil crocks, drawer dividers and pot lid holders! These items will help you stay organized and keep your kitchen clean! Organization is the key to life!

Small Updates are important

Small décor updates are what bring an entire room together. If you don’t like your drawer pulls or other hardware, get new ones! Buy that new faucet or add that area rug with bold hues! Printed dish towels can be always a décor that calls for attention!

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Information from Good House Keeping.

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