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Porch Season

Porch Season

Porch Season

Porch season is right around the corner! Is your porch ready for entertainment or for you to just relax on? A porch is a big deal, it is the first impression people have on your home. You want to make your porch welcoming for the summer and spring months. We have some tips and ideas for you on how to decorate your porch!

Front Porch Seating

If you have a big enough porch to create comfortable sitting area this is your sign to do it! When considering porch furniture make sure to get outdoor fabrics that do not fade in the sun. A porch with furniture is essentially an extra extension of the house. Arrange the furniture as if it is just another room. Add a conversation area, put a table on it for a place for setting down drinks.


If it is possible hang curtains or blinds to help filter light and create privacy. You can always tie back curtains or roll up blinds which can offer you the best of both worlds. If you are a plant lover, you can create your own privacy wall made of plants! Install a lattice up one side of the porch. Grow plants or ivy up the lattice and get lovely greenery for an all-natural privacy wall.


Treat your flowers as porch décor! Place an urn or two on the porch and fill it with flowers! Get creative with summer flowers in hanging baskets and dot the porch with potted plants. Use a variety of different containers and plant sizes to make your porch unique.  Make sure the colors of your containers blend and don’t over decorate so your porch does not look cluttered.


Accessories complete everything ranging from an outfit, a room, and even a porch! We suggest using lanterns, candles, rugs, pillows, throws, artwork, or even an outdoor TV! Accessories create the color, comfort, and textures that complete a porch.

Front Door

A front door is the focal point of your porch, in most cases a front door is right smack in the middle of your porch. Make your front door a door to remember, paint it a color that is complementary with your house color and porch décor colors. Dress your door up with a decorative door knocker or a wreath that incorporates spring and summer colors!

Information from The Spruce.

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