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Popular Trends Of 2022

Popular Trends Of 2022

Popular Trends Of 2022

The 2022 interior design trends are in full affect. The new year popular trends of 2022 are incorporating earthy tones, cozy vibes, and homes that are meant to be lived in. If you are planning to give your home an uplift for this year this is the article for you. Make your home cozy and in-style with:

Neutral Furniture Pieces With A Modern Twist

A popular trend of 2022 is ditching your white, cream and ivory furniture pieces. Replace it with earthy neutral color tones like camel, taupe, cognac, rust, or sage. Using these colors creates a homie vibe of cozy and lived in.

Warm Up Your Home With Color

Interior Designer clients are requesting color to brighten up their rooms. People want to live in “bright, happy, citrus colors like a pop of true green, cheerful yellow, or punchy orange” (Samantha Grindell).  Designers are also predicting the request of “colored glass and unusually shaped tiles, such as scalloped, pentagonal, and triangular tiles” (Samantha Grindell), are going to be popular trends of 2022.

American Antiques Are Making A Come Back

Antiques are coming back. People are adding Antiques that are dark wood and “old-world looking Patina Pieces.” This trend is inspired by the American Met Gala Theme. It provides a warm vibe in homes and it mixes well with minimal style trend.

Popular Trends of 2020: Gray Paint

Gray paint with a soft brown undertone is popular. This color matches the earthy tone furniture creating a comfortable space while look sophisticated. This color is a calming tone because of the brown undertone that doesn’t read to the eye. It also is perfectly matches with the popular trends of 2022 American Antiques.

Textured Furniture Is In So Embrace It

Textured cozy fabrics that “soft and aesthetically pleasing” (Samantha Grindell) is the new look on furniture. this Fabric is popular because it is gorgeous and easy to clean.

Home Offices are Staying

Working from home isn’t going away. People are adapting to this lifestyle and creating home offices that are perfect for the work environment but styled to cater your home. 2022 interior designers know that creating an office that is functional but also works with the flow of your house in 2022 is a must.

Popular Trends of 2020: Minimal + Rustic Mixed

Minimalism is huge but people don’t want their home to look too futuristic. Mixing rustic and minimalistic vibes makes it easier to clear up clutter but not look like a space station.

Wainscoting Is Back

This old trend is back but with an updated color. Wainscoting is coming back but in dark hues. People love it because it looks expensive but it’s cheap and accessible. Wainscoting can make any home look and feel regal.


A room with brown wainscotting.

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