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How To Decorate a Guest Bedroom

How To Decorate a Guest Bedroom

How To Decorate a Guest Bedroom

Knowing how to decorate a guest bedroom is just as important as decorating any other room in your house. A guest bedroom is a place to make the most important people in your life comfortable. Although it is only used on occasion, the guest bedroom plays a big part in your home. Maintaining a space where relaxation and interest exist takes a lot of planning. Choosing how to decorate it is hard, but we have some helpful tips, just read below!


Layers are important in interior design. It brings in dimension and makes an empty space come to life. You can layer everything from bedding, rugs, lightening, and books! With out layers you are left with just a flat room.  Details are just as important as layers, adding vases, books, or greenery to a room makes a statement. You also must remember the fifth wall in a room; the ceiling.  Adding wallpaper, a bead board, or anything that draws the eye upward. Adding texture and dept to your ceiling is a décor statement that guest will remember.

Vintage Is always In Style

A vintage piece must be in every room whether it is furniture, bedding, art, or a Knick knack. A vintage item makes a space feel unique and timeless. Vintage décor never goes out of style, we believe it truly brings a room together. People remember vintage and you want your guest to remember your room.


Make it Trendy but Livable

Make your room look luxurious but livable, people don’t want to stay in a room that makes them feel like they will ruin it. Create a space with a mix of high and low pieces, but also take into consideration of the pieces you pick. You want objects that can be ruined. A luxurious item we do suggest investing in is bedding and lightening. You want your guest to see your décor and you also want them to get a great night of sleep.

Small living area

If your guest bedroom is big and spacious, fill up the space with a small living area for your guest to hang out and relax. We want to make it clear on the small part, you do not need a big couch or chucky furniture. You can have a small coffee table or ottoman with a chair. Something that can function as a reading nook or just a place to sit and enjoy the space.

Texture is how to decorate a guest bedroom

Texture adds warmth and livability to a space. Varying textures and patterns are many interior designer’s favorite tricks. Textures add dimension to a space and helps keep the eye moving around in a room. Examples of a variety of textures can range anywhere from wood. Marble, jute, to velvet brass, linen, wool and so many others. Layering these textures are what makes the room dimensional and flat. A big trend in 2022 is adding the texture of greenery.  Greenery helps make a room feel fresh and earthy. Earthy tones and vibes are a big current style trend.

Information from: Homes and Gardens.

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