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Health Benefits of Beach Living

Health Benefits of Beach Living

Health Benefits of Beach Living

The beach has long been known for its many health benefits that it offers. Coastal living has been proven to promote physical and mental wellness. The beach is considered to be a great place to settle down if you are looking to build a happier life. Health Benefits of Beach Living.



The idea of living near the ocean for the betterment of one’s health is not at all new. In the mid-late 19th century and early 20th century, seaside spas were popping up all over the east coast. People would come in droves to just breathe in the salty air. It was believed that being in close proximity to the ocean could help cure all kinds of ailments. These included pneumonia, tuberculosis, and even gunshot wounds. Many presidents—like Richard Nixon and Ulysses S. Grant—owned summer homes in Monmouth County and would enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

Now, with modern advancements in medicine, people mostly just go to visit the beach because they enjoy the atmosphere. But, could making a permanent decision to move closer to the ocean have long lasting health benefits? Science says yes.


Here we have compiled 4 reasons why living by the beach is great for your health:

The Ocean Improves Sleep

Many seaside dwellers report feeling sleepier or being more well-rested when they come down to the shore. There is actually a scientific reason behind this observation. Dr Natasha Bijlani, a psychiatrist from London’s Priory’s Roehampton Hospital, had this to say to Metro : “Sea air is good for sleep because it’s generally cleaner and fresher, with higher levels of oxygen, which can improve sleep.”

Additionally, the negative ions in salty air actually accelerate your body’s ability to absorb oxygen and produce serotonin. All of these added benefits make for a good night’s sleep when staying by the beach.

The Beach Reduces Stress

The beach is widely known as a great stress reducer. There’s a reason why colloquial terms like “chilling out”, “taking a breather” and “letting the hair down” are popularly used when people are describing the beach. Being in a serene environment, like nature, allows the human body to feel safe. This feeling of tranquility can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Being near the ocean is very peaceful, and these reduced blood pressure and hormone levels will make a person feel less stressed or anxious.

The Beach Promotes Physical Wellness

Sometimes when you live in a more urbanized area, it is harder to stay active. If you live at the beach, however, there are many more opportunities to be active while also having fun. A 2014 study in the U.K. determined that the closer that somebody lives to the beach, the more likely that they are to be physically fit and healthy. The clear air and the scenic environment encourages people to exercise and remain active. Not only that, but salt water is also rich in minerals, many of which have curative properties and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. So, if you ever have a bad scab, try swimming in the ocean-it has amazing healing ability!

The Coast Can Improve Mental Health

The beach can not only improve someone’s sleep, but it can also improve their overall mental wellbeing. A study conducted by the University of Exeter that included over 40 million data points concluded that those who live near the beach tend to have lower levels of mental distress. Once those same participants moved closer inland, the results change. This proved that living by the water had a positive impact on their mental welfare

These statistics are still relevant today. More recently, in 2019, a study conducted by the same group of analysts concluded that those who live within 1km of the ocean are 22 percent less likely to exhibit symptoms of depression or mental decline.


At the end of the day, If you are looking to improve your overall well being, you should consider moving closer to the water. It is clear from research that scientifically, being in close proximity to the ocean can be very beneficial to your life and wellness. Many already chose to spend their holidays by the water because of how it affects their happiness. Perhaps consider that making a permanent move near the sea could change your life for the better.

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