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DIY Interior Design Tips

DIY Interior Design Tips

DIY Interior Design Tips

Want to make your home look like it’s out of a magazine without an interior designer. We have some great DIY Interior Design Tips, for you. What you choose to decorate your home with shares a story of who you are. People create an idea of you whether it is from the color of your front door, your furniture or the art you choose to decorate your wall with. Your home is a space that makes you feel most comfortable, but also a space of creativity. Design your home and control a story you want to be told, the best way to start to gather inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, or the internet! For more information, please read below.

Inspiration for DIY Design Tips

The best way to start planning your interior design is by creating an inspiration board. If you have not heard of the app or website Pinterest, it will become your new favorite tool. Create a board for Designs and put all the design styles that inspire you on that board. If your old school, you can cut out designs from magazines or old pictures. Once you have a collection of what you like you can begin to plan what you want the room you are designing to look like.

Color Schemes

Color is everything, it controls the mood of the room. A lesson that I learned about the use of color is three colors are better than two or one. Even if you have an all-white room, you can use three different shades of white. Look at your inspiration board and go through the photos you saved, what colors constantly show up, pick your favorite three that go well with each other. Use a color for your wall, another for your furniture, and the third for smaller accessories that flower vases, pillows, curtains, or other knick knacks.

Add Texture

Texture is just as important as color especially if you are doing a room with a one-color scheme, like all white or grey. If you enter someone’s home and they choose to do the one-color scheme look closely, you will notice different shades and a variety of textures. Texture ideas for a room can be linen draperies, velvet furniture, silk pillows or cushions, woven baskets, and even wall paper. Texture and color elements can bring a dull room into a sophisticated room.

Big Furniture

A mistake we constantly see in homes is that they fill the space with too many small pieces of furniture, which causes clutter. One big piece of furniture is better than 3 small ones. A room with too many legs takes away from the spacious vibe that 2022 is all about. Even if you are decorating a small space, have a large sofa, some skirted club chairs (one so you can’t see the legs) or two slender armchairs. Most designers recommend that even the smallest rooms have should have a large statement piece, such as a armoire or cabinet.

Decorative bowls, baskets, and Trays

Knick Knacks can pull rooms together whether it be a bowl, tray, vase, or basket. They are great for arranging a collection or lose items, it helps hide clutter. A tray can add some much to a room, put it on a coffee table with some books and candle! Put a vase on a side table or your dinner room table with flowers in it. Or put a plant instead of a piece of furniture that does not flow with your color scheme. Easy care plants are a big design trend in 2022. They are a perfect DIY Interior Design project that will add that final touch to you home interior design.

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