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Bedroom Design: Achieving The Ultimate Feng Shui

Bedroom Design: Achieving The Ultimate Feng Shui

Bedroom Design: Achieving The Ultimate Feng Shui

Bring positive energy into your life by creating a Feng shui bedroom layout. Developing an atmosphere of the best energy flow in the room you wake up in every morning influences how your day goes. Create a scheme that supports your needs whether you need more sleep, a better selfcare routine, or a space to just be completely yourself. A room inspired by feng shui will benefit your life greatly! Keep reading below for more information on bedroom design: Achieving the ultimate Feng Shui.

Bed Position: The Ultimate Feng Shui

The first step in creating a feng shui atmosphere is the placement of your furniture in your room. A bedroom primary purpose is to sleep, making your bed placement the most important decision. Feng Shui consultant Anjie Cho says “you want to ensure your bed is in the commanding position, this means placing it diagonally from the door so that you are able to see the door without being directly in line with”. Having your bed that faces the door straight on places you in what is known as the “coffin position”. This leaves you vulnerable to the energies entering through the doorway. Keep your bed on diagonal makes you feel safe and secure at night. For the best night of sleep place your bed away from the door and not under a window and you will get a great night of sleep opposed to a restless night.

Bedside Table

Feng Shui coincides with symmetry. Symmetry in designs creates a sense of balance and calmness, so its no surprise that it is used in a Feng Shui space. Having two rounded bedside tables helps prevent negative energy near a bed while also maintaining a harmonized space.

Mirror Placement

People who live the feng shui life always debate on whether you should have a mirror in your room or not. However, feng shui experts say it is okay if the placement is right. Anjie a feng shui experts states “in Feng Shui, mirrors represent the element of water. They reflect and amplify energy so avoid position opposite of the bed for good quality of sleep”. A great placement for the mirror is on the same wall as the bed facing outwards so you do not reflect your sleeping space.

Accessible Space

Having space on either side of the bed is believed to help balance tin and yang while also being completely functional. This allows qui energy to flow around the room. Closing off space for one side can unbalance the Yin and Yang energy. It is suggested to have 18 inches on either side of the bed if possible.


Try to stay as organized as possible. Eliminate the clutter that surrounds your room especially under your bed. A non-clutter bedroom prevents build up and allows energy to pass under the bed too. This will help your health and peace of mind.  From a Feng Shui perspective, having a closed off storage is ideal as it conceals clutter and emotionally charged items.

Don’t place your bed under a beam or ceiling Fan

For the best bedroom layout that will create the perfect Feng Shui atmosphere avoid placing your bed under a beam, sloped ceiling, or ceiling fans. These oppressive architectural features can bring unwanted pressure on your sleeping routine. Feng Shui in a bedroom primary focus is sleep, you do not want the placement of your bed mess up your rem.

No Work

Keep work out of the bedroom. The primary purpose of a bedroom is creating an environment that is best for sleep. Bringing your office job in the bedroom is the opposite of sleep. Feng shui prefers work space and a bedroom be in separate rooms. If you do have a desk in your bedroom layout be mindful of its placement. If you can divide the room in anyway try to put the desk in bed is separate places.

Décor Feng Shui

When it come to your bedroom décor and your personal items it is important to have your items not block the flow of energy. Feng Shui states that to not disrupt the feeling of the room choose to display your personal items in the far-right corner of your space as you enter. You also should avoid hanging art above the bed and headboard when possible. Try to position an uplifting piece of art work or a decorative object that makes you feel uplifted so it’s the first thing you see.

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